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Category : Concept of Programming

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Concept of Programming

Information technology has made its presence in all the sectors of the world. This field has been growing at a very fast pace over the last few years, and according to experts, this growth is expected to remain stable. Millions of jobs have been created by IT, and hence, today, it is essential for everyone to understand what information technology is, and how it plays a vital role in every aspect of modern-day life. Many different businesses require specialized software-packages for satisfying their operational as well as functional needs. The major companies sign deals with the software manufacturing companies to purchase their products along with their yearly updates. Some even get specific software designed according to their individual needs. Information technology has made its presence in the educational sector too. It helps the students as well as the teachers in studying the course material easily, by enabling faster access to information from across the globe, on a number of different topics. Studying the subjects with the help of on-line libraries and dictionaries has made grasping and learning easier for the students. The inclusion of information technology in the syllabus of schools, colleges and universities, has helped them in understanding their subjects well, and for getting their basics and fundamentals clear.

Course Topic

Type Topic Title Status
Topic One - What is Computer
Topic Two - Microsoft Office
Topic Three - Creating First Homepage
Topic Four - Understanding Colors
Topic Five - International Sizes