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Category : Hardware and Networking

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Duration : 12 Month

Integrated Course on Hardware and Networking

Network in an organization is of utter importance and is of high demand with the boom in I.T. and the internet. Every organization, big or small uses Internet and Intranet for efficient inter-work flow. With this high demand of networking, the industries require skilled Network Engineers too. Experts to establish proper network connections in the workplace are recruited on decent pay-scale in organizations of all fields. Network Training will make a Trainee able enough to have knowledge on Network and also incorporate reliable networking technologies as per the requirement of the workplace.

Nowadays, most of the greatest organizations are using computer technology and had implemented their own IT (Information Technology) departments. They cannot neglect the powerful and productive power of their IT Dpartments which brings their business towards success. Examples of organizations are Apple Inc., FedEx, Wal-Mart, McDonald's, and etc. Hence, IT is now critical to an organization's success, so it is important that an organization should uses the computer technology in its daily business routine and the computer hardware and software meets the needs of the organization. The managers and/or IT employees must have the understanding of the role of both computer hardware and software in the decisions that promote organizational performance and productivity. The industries look up for people who have excellent knowledge in software as well as Computer Hardware. Here is when our Hardware Training comes into play. The aim is to give the Trainee a set of skill required to make them an expert in the field of computer hardware, their selection, installation and maintenance.

Course Topics

Type Topic Title Status
Introduction to PC, Hardware Devices & Troubleshooting
Topic One - OS, Applications & Troubleshooting
Topic Two - Networking Essentials
Topic Three - Fundamentals of Server
Topic Four - MS Windows Server & MS Exchange Server
Topic Five - Concepts of Network Administration