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Founding Director
Softpro Technologies, Malawi

Founding Director, Softpro Technologies, Malawi

Odetha Vilili, Founding Director of Softpro Technologies is an educationist at heart and accumulated 20 years of professional teaching experience. She is also a certified Software Engineer with NIIT India. Her natural instincts in teaching and Software engineering knowledge culminated in the birth of Softpro Technologies. Odetha Vilili’s continued desire of imparting knowledge and developing youth skills forms the gist of SoftPro Technologies.


Softpro Technologies was founded on the idea and need of imparting knowledge and developing skills that adequately meet today’s technological challenges. At Softpro Technologies, we acknowledge that there is ample room for computer knowledge and skills development in Malawi. Thus, we have partnered with Softpro India, a renowned Software Technologies company to offer computer knowledge, software engineering, web design and development, and programming services in Malawi. Our goal is to bridge the technological gap by offering our clients with the latest software technologies and methodologies. We encourage prospective clients and students to enroll in our programmes and be granted the right of passage in global technology. We pride ourselves with the sheer goal of creating a technologically informed Malawi.