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Category : Concept of Programming

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Duration : 06 Month

Concept of Programming

Programming is the key to create something new with the help of technology, it is like talking to a computer in their language and hence, we are providing a platform to the people interested to learn programming and become a creator. It is a known that most of the jobs in today’s world are in the field of computer science, programmers and developers are paid high pay scales for their innovations. Acquiring this skill of programming will not only make a person a skilled professional but also drastically change the person’s perspective. Programming therefore is not only of high demand but also very effective to positively enhance the caliber of a person.

Course Topic

Type Topic Title Status
Introduction to Programming Languages
Topic One - Generation of Language
Topic Two - Interpreter and Compilers
Topic Three - Introduction to C
Topic Four - Programming in C
Topic Five - Introduction to C++
Topic Six - Programming in C++